Atmosphere is no coincidence. You can make it - with light!

In the real world and the virtual world

This goes much further than just creating a beautifully lit space, and underlines the incomprehensibly large impact light has on our perception and mood - from the way we perceive different materials through the reflection of light to demanding focused attention through the play of light and shadow.

After gaining my degree (cum laude) at the Willem de Kooning Academy of Art in Rotterdam in 2003 I am working as an architectural lighting designer. In 2018, I realized that I wanted to use my knowledge of lighting also in a different way. I developed the ambition to work in the field of VR/AR and combine my background as a lighting designer with my passion for 3D visualization and computer programming.

I love the immersive quality of virtual reality and the natural focus it incorporates. And even in the virtual world, atmosphere is no coincidence.

portrait picture Vera Wegener